Archipelago Rising

Solving knowledge-related problems.


Workforces of the future will experience the onslaught of change caused by technological innovations as continual opportunities to step up and lead. Fast change, increased complexity and new knowledge are forcing leaders to become expert lifetime learners.  Effective learning and leadership are interconnected and both require professional communities of practice and a culture of teamwork. We help leaders envision and execute skills, workgroups and knowledge for growth. An agile company culture starts with senior executive literacy in science and the humanities and can be achieved through the right combination of learning, team-building, and communication.


Our Vision for our client’s organization is a workplace with motivated teams engaged in dialogue, and seeking continual learning, progress, and prosperity for all. Our ideal CEO deals with disruptions and unexpected threats with a knowledge and learning approach.  Adapting to market changes and paradigm-shifting technologies will enable their organization to thrive in the new environment.


Archipelago Rising (AR) teaches CEOs, executives, and aspiring executives, to use a uniquely advanced approach to leadership and solving knowledge-related problems in their organizations. Archipelago Rising refers to a principled, systematic approach to knowledge curation, intellectual property management, and learning. Our approach starts with self directed learning and professional growth for individual employees and extends to knowledge curation methods for the whole organization. We will help you master the micro and macro levels of learning curves and resistance to change.