CEOs and senior leaders value new ideas because fresh approaches keep their businesses competitive and help them grow. Your competitors are always trying to gain their advantage- if you’re not moving ahead, you’re falling behind.

As a senior leader, you hone your company’s competitive edge by determining how to obtain your goals and making decisions that will turn your vision into reality. You depend on men and women who are your direct reports to implement your decisions. In turn, they will manage the front line employees who will be responsible for actually achieving your goals.

Turning an idea into reality requires precision teamwork. Individual employees and teams sometimes drift out of sync with your organizational goals. You need to prevent disruption that costs time, money, and competitive advantage.

Archipelago Rising focuses on teamwork performance that builds and sustains collaboration throughout your company. Our goal is to help your company achieve its goals by ensuring that senior executives, departmental supervisors and front line employees understand your company’s objectives and how to achieve them.

Individualized learning if often a part of the whole picture of implementation. We specialize in educational content and building learning communities. We have expert partners in training, elearning, and organizational psychology. Together, we will develop a unique self-designed roadmap, tailored to connect your goals and provide concrete steps to make them a reality.

Different goals may require one type of teamwork while another goal will require a different form of teamwork. After discussing your goals and identifying key priorities, we will identify what learning objectives to start with and what actions can be taken to motivate your employees. We will address what obstacles to motivation need to be removed so that the goal will be attained.