As a senior leader, you have teamwork development needs across your organization. Thoughtful and careful, yet powerful solutions are your best path toward achieving your goals. You will get custom-built step-by-step roadmap tailored to your goals with the tools for implementation. Teamwork is the central focus of our consulting business while we specialize individualized learning needs.

By working with you to identify the highest priority objectives and projects for your business, we will create a blueprint for success which measures impact and supports continued growth. Results you can expect include a motivated workforce and activating a problem-solving mindset and adaptive learning across all of your teams.

We are conducting interviews with executives and other leaders, like you, regarding your experience with teamwork and how it affects your business because we believe that conducting our own research keeps our content fresh and relevant to our clients’ diverse organizations. We ask for an hour of your time and will provide you with the results of this study as a follow-up, and answer any questions you may regarding our findings.

Your interview will follow a guide to allow us the consistency we need to compare perspectives of leaders in diverse fields and situations. The guide is in two parts: the role of teamwork in your business, and the role of diversity. The sets of questions in part one and part two will guide our interview, although our conversation will be focused on your particular point of view. Once we have collected a sufficient number and variety of interview transcripts we will share our report with you and our other clients.

Part I, The Role of Teamwork in Your Business:

  1. Tell me about the challenges you experienced in your field that prompted a pursuit of better teamwork?
  2. Does a great leader need to be a great "team player?"
  3. What personal mastery is need to be a model team player, in general?
  4. Do cultural differences create an obstacle to team work?
  5. How so/why not?
  6. What would you say to someone who sees teamwork negatively?
  7. What are the benefits of diversity with regard to teamwork?
  8. What are your knowledge-related obstacles?
  9. What can Archipelago Rising help you with?

Part II, Diversity:

An important part of making teamwork effective is challenging assumptions based on status quo and the "norms" prevalent in the workplace. We are therefore looking at diversity and what executives are doing with regard to recruiting and retaining a wide variety of individuals from different cultural backgrounds and professions. Out-of-the-box problem-solving is facilitated by multiple cultural perspectives in terms of nationality, communities of practice, disciplinary or professional grounding (engineers vs. lawyers), and creatives.

  1. How true do you find this statement? Why?
  2. Have you considered individual diversity based on membership in a unique array of these communities?
  3. How do your team employees encounter difference? This could be in terms of culture or in terms of knowledge (disciplinary orientation or experiential knowledge)?