(What We Do)

Archipelago Rising (AR) teaches the CEOs and Senior Leaders of organizations to use a uniquely advanced approach to solving problems. Learning the new knowledge required for paradigm-shifting technologies will enable their companies and organizations to enter a new environment in which the ways of the past will be left behind. Those who adapt will thrive.

New Knowledge will make it possible for CEOs and Senior Leaders to evaluate organizational problems at two different levels at the same time. Large companies and organizations have sizable numbers of employees in multiple levels of operations. The larger the number of cogs in the system the more complications will arise.

AR demonstrates how CEOs and Senior Leaders can manage the micro and macro levels of issues that confront every business. The first involves the difficulties of the day-to-day operation-everything from putting out fires to coping with unexpected larger threats. The other challenge is being able to implement long-term strategies.

New Knowledge will show CEOs and Senior Leaders the way to work at both levels. AR's mission is to teach CEOs and Senior Leaders to be experts in new knowledge.