The Vision:
We are committed to building brain science literacy among professional and senior decision makers in business, the professions and policy to accomplish change. We will curate the best peer-reviewed brain and genetics research findings, and translate for immediate use and application.

The Problem:
Professional and senior problem-solvers in business, the professions and policy need the best knowledge about what causes behavior.

Brain science is revolutionary, brand new and producing better and better insights at an accelerating rate. Everyday research from around the world is delivering new peer-reviewed, medical facts about what causes behavior and suggestions for solving behavior-related problems in all domains. What problems aren’t behavior-based? However, while the information is publicly available, it is technical and rarely translated for non-technical use. Effectively, brain science is not available because it is not being critically interpreted and formatted for wider communications.

Access to Knowledge:
Archipelago Rising specializes in knowledge curation, and oversees large-scale projects to validate knowledge-bases for institutions such as hospitals. We provide a flexible yet structured framework that allows your institution to grow with the new research developments and break-throughs.

Learning Solutions:
Archipelago Rising educational services align with state-of-the-art e-learning models and tested theories.

Melinda McClimans, CEO. MA in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, ABD in Global Education. Experienced educator in cultural diversity.

Elmer “Kevin" Rich, CFO, is a veteran of financial services and marketing, tapped into a vast network of financial industry professionals.